August 5, 2008

High Court rejects Niketa’s plea to terminate pregnancy.

The Bombay High Court on Monday rejected the petition filed by Niketa and her husband Haresh Mehta, along with their doctor Nikhil Datar, seeking permission to terminate her pregnancy, now in the 26th week.
The foetus was diagnosed with a complete heart blockage when she was in the 24th week of pregnancy. The couple wanted to abort the child for fear it would suffer for life.

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The never ending debate of what is right and what is not. I really feel sad for the parents and cant help but wonder what the child is going to go through when he/she is old enough to understand. Yes, the laws are there for a reason but why does it seem as if the good ones always have to bear the brunt of it?


artnavy said...

I really feel bad for the parents

I think they need to given the choice

what is the point of inviting/ bringing on suffering for the child and for yourself

DotThoughts said...

Am a fence sitter. the law is antiquated. I don't think in 1971, they realised that technology will allow parents to see details of their unborn's physiology and the smallest problems.

Rohini said...

I am on the side of the fence where babies who are not wanted should not be brought into the world... and that is a choice that only the parents can make...

karmickids said...

Did a post on this. Nikita subsequently miscarried the child naturally. Divine intervention?

Kris said...

Hi, just found your blog on google and will be moving from Salt Lake City, Utah, US to Bangalore in February. Having my first baby in 8 weeks and naturally nervous and have a lot of questions, particularly vaccinations. Any ideas of where I should start finding out what our baby needs? I don't want to just load him up with gobs of vaccinations and wonder with him breastfeeding if he could have some initial ones (i.e. polio, small pox), then do a vaccination schedule while we are over there. Anyway, glad to find your blog!

vk said...

i think people who go all out in favour of aborting this foetus are missing a few things

1) beyond 20 weeks the foetus is viable. that's not to mean it would survive, especially in this country where neonatal care isn't all that great even at the best centres. but it puts people in the spot, becasue if u left this woman alone and she delivered the child (as she did) and the baby survives, then waht do u do? that's an ethical dilemma that the court cannot enter into unless the life of the mother is at stake. and i don't see any reason why it shoul, honestly.

2) congenital heart block is not a good disease to have, but it's not universally fatal, like some other diseases that the baby could have

3) don't get me wrong, i'm as pro-abortion as possible, and i know that under most circumstances gynaecologists would fudge the dates and get this done if they had to: in this i'm rather in awe of these parents for having gone thru the courts, in fact; but the fact remains that third trimester abortions are /not/ something to just pass off with an oh-the-parents-should-have-the-right. it's not that simple. bummer for them but that's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

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