June 14, 2007

Flying with Kids...

... is nt as easy as some people think it is and I have a recent experience to prove that. Not all parents are irresponsible and some like me are obsessive about the co passengers comfort and I would do ANYTHING to keep my daughter quiet. I talk to her, play with her and let her do whatever she wants as long as she is quiet. Luckily for me, she does nt want to walk or run around the plane. So that's a relief.

Here's Sundars post on the same subject and his plan for a kid friendly airlines! :)
1. I will have wide aisles for kids to run around
2. the walls will be painted with Disney , Sesame street, Barney, Dora characters.
3. I will hire daycare teacher turned air-hostesses or air-hostesses turned daycare teachers only!
4. Will not have any carbonated or sugary drinks on the flight that would make the kids hyper.

after reading this article by Vir Sanghvi.
What is it with us? Why don’t we recognize that as much as we love Chunnu, Munnu, Pappu, Bunty or Pinky, the rest of the world is under no obligation to regard them with similar indulgence? Worst of all is the feeling of entitlement that prosperous parents have.They believe that because they are rich, their kids have the right to do whatever they feel like. It’s a funny thing but the children of less-wealthy or poor parents never behave quite as badly as the children of the rich. Perhaps this is because the social inequalities of India mean that their parents themselves lack the confidence to cause a stir in public places. But rich kids—they are even worse than their parents.

Personally, this popular opinion that "mothers want the entire world to praise their kids" gets my goat! I dont go to all that trouble of traveling with a toddler so that some tom, dick and harry can say how cute my daughter is! For all you know, I would be happy if total strangers ignore my daughter in this bad, bad world we currently live in!

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Poppins said...

Very funny reading ! I like Sundar's ideas of a plane for kids. For all he knows, it could be a niche idea for a business venture. And sadly enough I agree with Vir Sanghvi. Indian kids are badly behaved (in public) compared to white kids.

Sad but true. It is probably because we are too tolerant of them or whatever, but it is the fact.

karmickids said...

Yes, Indian kids are badly behaved I agree but so are many firang kids. Much worse in fact. Indian kids are very often uncouth and do not know the meaning of a sorry or waiting their turn. I can vouch for that. But this also comes from the parents. Have you seen the rush at the departure gate at any airport in India, like bus seats have to be fought for. This touches a raw nerve since the brat is perhaps at the zenith of badly behaveddom...and I am this perennially harassed apologetic mother handing out chocolates to whichever unfortunate gets in his way....
But the HT is really kid intolerant, have you ever read Seema Goswami on kids in a restaurant...I wanted to strangle her.

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