June 22, 2007

Mommy Meets.

Kiran is planning a Mumbai Mommy bloggers meet and I hope I am not late in announcing it. (Sorry Kiran, totally slipped my mind.) Please go here to her post if you are interested to meet up with fellow mommies. Have fun!

Kay invites Mommies from Toronto for a get together. Click here for details.

And I think the first ever Mommies meet was initiated by Poppins(You will go down in history, P!) in Bangalore and here are the details from the meet which happened early this month.

Any Moms in Zurich interested in this lonely soul?!


Poppins said...

Thanks Boo, for the mention :)

karmickids said...

Thanks for the mention boo, rohini and surabhi are the only other two mumbai based mommy bloggers I know and they are busy right now, so I guess, my grand plans will be on hold for a while...

Anonymous said...

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