April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting.

The world looks a lot less safe after becoming a parent, does nt it? We start reacting to terrible events like these as a parent and personally, it scares the hell out of me. God bless the victims and their familes.

Sundar, Orchid, Fuzzy, SS and the Desimomzclub share their fears.

April 18, 2007

Birthday is on the air.

Mommyof2 celebrates a a double bonanza.

Sunita celebrates her daughters birthday. Pretty frock! :)

Moppets mom makes it a Happy Day.

SM plans a double whammy.

If I have missed any recent birthday bash, please comment with a link. I know for sure four more birthdays are coming up. March and April seems to be a busy month! ;)

April 15, 2007

New Moms.

Congratulations to the two brand new mommies, Trishna and Mona. May God bless the little ones Aadya and Hana with all the good things in the world!

Noodlehead, you are next! :)

April 12, 2007

Sleepless in Babyville.

A round up of some of the posts on the Sleeping issue.

Rohinis very informative post is here.

Mad Mommas emotional post is

Mine is

Desimomzclub has two posts
here and here.

Do leave a link in the comment if you have done a post on the same subject.

April 6, 2007

To have or not to have...

Below is the mail I got from a reader. Since Im also sailing in the same boat, it would be great to hear your thoughts on this issue. Is a family incomplete without a second child?

It seems like everyone of our friends is pregnant again. After a difficult pregnancy and first year, we have decided not to have another child. Most of the time I am fine with this decision, but every now and then, it feels strange and scary. I find myself revisiting the decision every few weeks and tormenting myself over whether it is the right thing or not. I feel guilty that I may be depriving my son of a sibling and then I wonder whether that is the right motivation for another child. Should I have another one only because I am afraid that this one will be lonely ?

As Indians, we live in a society where 2 kids is the norm. It is something everyone takes for granted. It is really difficult being the exception rather than the norm. I am working on coming to terms with this tough decision and was hoping to hear some words of wisdom from parents with one child who have found peace with their decision, instead of regrets.

I would really appreciate it if you could address this issue in

Sahithis Mom has written a post on the same dilemma here. Seems like yesterday when I was going through the same dilemma for the first one. It never ends, does it?

An open letter to all Toddlers.

I am planning to frame this letter and hang it in Ashus room! Hilarious!

It's NOT yours. You seem to have adopted a mantra of "If I can see it, it's mine. If you have it, it's mine. If I think about it, it's mine." Let me tell you something, kiddos. You know when all of us leave in the morning, only to return home 8 hours later? We're at work earning a living. And while we're firm believers in the "mi casa es su casa" philosophy and don't really mind sharing our things with you, you need to ease up a little, ok?

I'm sure every parent with a toddler will relate to this one. Why don't you try writing an open letter too? Do mail me the link if you do.

April 5, 2007

Summy and the Doctor.

This post has stayed in my mind even after so many months. I totally relate to it now. Hubby and I say "And the Oscar goes to..." and laugh out loud whenever our daughter Ashu pulls a fast one on us. And I always remember this incident with Summy fondly.

Her regular doctor was out, so we saw another doctor. "So she has a stomach ache?" the doctor asked. I waved my hand and said "I don't know ..." thinking about how to put it without hurting Summy's feelings.

Belated Birthday wishes, Kiddo! :)

Having a baby in Bangalore.

Congratulations to S and N, soon to be mommas who mailed me and since both of them are in Bangalore, I thought this post will have lots of information for them. If you are planning to have a baby in Bangalore, this is a must read.

I lucked out with a very good doctor who was willing to listen to all my concerns (I talked to her about not wanting a C-section, for example; I was pretty nervous that I would be pressured into having a C-section), explain to me why something was prescribed and generally make the birth a collaborative process. This was a pleasant surprise. I had heard that doctors stood on a pedestal and told patients what needed to be done, without any explanations.

Don't forget to go through the comment section for lots of useful information on Hospitals and Doctors.

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April 4, 2007

Are we giving up too much?

I would like to be a working mom, yes! But I have never heard a more ridiculous reason to be one. "Oh What if my husband dies at 47? What will I do?" Please, give me a break! Have you never heard of Life Insurance? And when the father of my children "drops dead", I'm supposed to console my children by saying "Well, at least I have a job"? What Bull! And what a negative way to look at life! Chee chee chee!
Is it really worth it to be home when your second child loses his fourth tooth if something happens to your spouse and you end up losing the home entirely? Your children lose their rooms, their local area, their friends and their school. For them, the cost of having a stay-at-home mum is high indeed.

Thanks Akkare for the link.

What do we learn from our kids?

I have always wondered if mothers can be atheists. This post has made me realize its almost impossible. What do you think?

I’ve learnt that my womb has only been an instrument to bring this soul into the world and once brat is an adult my work will have been done, and what I do to bring brat up is only repaying my karmic debt to my mother for bringing me up. I believe now in the verse written by Kahlil Gibran which says your children are not yours to keep.I’ve learnt that the sky is different colours at various parts of the day and Jai Jai Bhagwanji actually sits up there with his crayon and watercolours to keep changing the look.

This reminds me to publish the post I have in my draft for a very long time on Moms and their belief in God.

Winkies Women.

As Kodis mom has written in the comments, only our dearest Mommy Blogger, Tharini, can write such a touching post on Tomato Jam!
Many days passed by in this manner. Then one day, she rolled up her sleeves, got into the kitchen and made some jam. Tomato jam. Red, ripe, juicy tomato jam. And that first batch was a killer. She offered it to him. He looked at it dubiously,and then at her with suspicion.

I always thought that I started blogging inspired by you. But today I found out you started blogging a couple of months after me. Anyways you are my inspiration Tharini! :) Heres to you.

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