February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas.

Mommies don't seem to be too enthusiastic about kids craft idea for Valentines this year. While surfing the net for ideas, I found some which are doable without a trip to the craft store and are easy peasy too!

My favorite is this Valentine butterfly.

More ideas here and here.

Our very own Tharini has two craft ideas as well - Valentine hearts and Button up for Valentines.

Do leave a comment if there are more interesting ideas in your kitty. Wishing everyone a lovely Valentines day! :)

February 9, 2008

A tale by Tagore.

Thanks to Usha, a lot of us got to read this story of Tagore for the first time. And what a tale! A heart wrenching story of a bird. Of all of us. And makes us wonder what we can do to prevent the same happening to the future generation.

Totaakaahini by Tagore.

The nephew said, "Your Majesty, the bird's education is now complete.''
The King asked, "Does it still jump?''
The nephew said, "God
"Does it still fly?''
"Does it sing any more?''
"Does it scream if it
doesn't get food?''
The King said, "Bring the bird in. I would
like to see it.''