August 13, 2010

RIP, Tejaswee.

IHM lost her daughter, Tejaswee to Dengue on 11th August. It was heart breaking to receive the news. May God rest her soul.

Im in awe of IHM and her positive post. Hugs, IHM.

May 1, 2010

Mother's Day Special Event from Indusladies., with over 5 lakh monthly visitors, is one of the largest websites for Indian Women. For the upcoming Mother's Day, they are producing a "Mommy Blogger's ebook" with a list of all Indian Mommy bloggers and their best 5 posts. They plan to send that ebook to all their 90,000 members and also promote it among our 6000+ facebookfans and twitter followers.

Participation ends on May 6th. Click here for details.

I am also copy pasting the details from the website here.

If you would like your blog to be included in that list, please email (to the following as soon as possible and before 6th May.

1. Your blog URL
2. Your blog Name
3. A 5-8 line description about your blog (or about yourself as a blogger)
4. Link to 3-5 of your most popular blog posts.

We hope to hear from you. Please forward to your fellow bloggers as well.

Indusladies Team.
P.S - If you have any questions, please email

February 24, 2010

Its poll time!

Please go to Utbts for her latest poll on Language Development. She always comes up with interesting research on child development and I cant wait to know the results this time. Go here -

And to Shrutis for the February Artsy craftsy challenge. The voting is open at

Thank you.

February 12, 2010

Valentines Day Crafts.

My daughters music class teacher did a fun craft today and I thought I ll share it here. Even though I ve visited the DLTK craft site so many times for inspiration, I ve never printed their ready made templates before. Today I was searching for the template the music teacher had used and found many more cute ideas. For some fun heart shaped animal crafts, go here -

For the heart shaped mouse template and many more cute ones, go here - The penguin card is very cute too. Thats the one Im planning to make with my older daughter today. Since all she has to do is cut out the shapes and then glue them looking at the picture, it should be easy. Also less work for me! :)

Or if you are immensely talented like Smitha, you can make a Valentine Pizza or bake wonderful cookies or make fruit lollies or even a heart shaped fried egg. :) Me? I ll stick to the ready made craft templates thankyouverymuch and may be ask the husband to get inspired by her blog! ;)

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Let Love rule! :)

January 21, 2010

Blog Contest - Artsy Craftsy Challenge.

Shruti at organized a fantastic artsy-craftsy challenge. Im sorry Im too late in announcing the contest but take a look at the all the entires here - All of them are mind blowingly good and one can get loads of idea to keep the little fingers busy! :) Please vote for the entry you like best. The voting ends on 28th Jan.

Way to go, Shruti. Hope there are more contests coming up.