May 25, 2008

Author Padma Venkatraman's Blog Tour.

Padma Venkatraman's debut novel, Climbing the Stairs, for young adults has hit the stands. Find out more about Padmas multi faceted life and her book by following her blog tour.

The book review in Saffron Tree.

Not often do you get to read a novel set in historical, pre-independence India
with a story so wonderful and riveting. Padma Venkatraman undoubtedly brings a wonderful and fresh voice to the world of young adult and adult English
literature with her debut novel, Climbing The Stairs.
Padmas interview with Praba on Saffron Tree.

CLIMBING THE STAIRS is set during a period of Indian history that I find
incredibly intriguing and interesting – a time when the world was engaged in
World War II and Gandhi was leading the nonviolent Indian struggle for
independence from the British. I first fell in love with this time period when I
was writing a short story for younger children, but realized that there was just
so much more to this era than I could fit into a short story for the
middle-grade age group.
The authors guest post at Blogpourri.

One obvious way living in different places has influenced me is the detail with
which I can recollect and thus recreate the ambience of these cities. I can
still remember the Jamun tree that grew along the drive in the house in
Velacheri where I spent my early childhood, and the ripe fruit really did dye
our drive purple in August, just as the tree outside Vidya’s home does at the
beginning of the novel.

Her tips and tricks to find time to write when you are a parent at Desi Momz Club.

Of course, all this changes once the children start school. Then you will have
time during the day to write, when you’re actually awake and alert. So fret not
when the children are little. Your time will come. After all, you can’t stop the
children from growing up.

May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Put your feet up and enjoy in your special way. Have a fantastic Mothers day! :)