August 26, 2012

Just Married, Please Excuse by Yadhodhara Lal.

The very talented and funny Yashodhara Lal whose blog I have been following for a long time is out with her first book as well. Congrats Y and wishing you all things wonderful!

If you're one of those people who know that married life can have its hilarious moments, please pay attention to this one:

It's really very, very simple - 

1. You write a post on your blog, describing an incident aboutsomething funny that has happened to you as a part of married life, preferably when you were 'Just Married'. (By 31st August 2012)

2. HarperCollins and I select the 20 best entries and they will be sent copies of my book; and 10 Delhi-based bloggers get to join me and VK Karthika, (Chief Editor of HarperCollins and all round super-cool person) for a leisurely Saturday lunch at the new Mamagoto outlet in Gurgaon for some really great food ( I'm told the Khan Market outlet is never less than packed, and for good reason). Oh, and there'll be some good conversation too :).

Some things to keep in mind to be eligible for this contest: 

1. The Title of your post should be The 'Just Married, Please Excuse' Contest 
2. Please include in your post a link back to Y's post.
3. Please leave a link to your entry in Y's comments section to this post.
4. In case you don't have a blog of your own, do leave your entry in the comments section to Y's post. In case you face issues while commenting, email your story at yashodhara dot lal at gmail dot com (But only up to two such comment/email entries can win, so you better make it funny)
5.Note -If you're not married, but still want to participate, you can do it - just tell us about a funnyJust Married story about someone you know! 

August 23, 2012

You Never Know When You'll Get Lucky by Priya Narendra.

When I said its raining books this season in my last post, I was nt kidding. Blogger Priya Narendra is out with her first book "You never know when you'll get lucky". And there is a fun contest to participate. Take a picture with Priyas book and send it to and lucky winners will get books worth Rs.2000. Click the banner for more details. Hurry up and win!

Congrats Priya and keep rocking!

Have you seen this? by Arthi Anand Navaneeth.

Its raining books this season from loads of fellow bloggers and one special book is written by none other than Art Navy from our very own IndianMommies corner! :) We are so proud of you, Art! Cant wait to lay my hands on the pretty book.

Have You Seen This?
Text : Arthi Anand Navaneeth
Pictures : Roomani Kulkarni
It's a very mixed-up world where flowers talk, doors run and trees fly! The
goofy text of this mad little bilingual spins on wacky illustrations that
whirl the reader along. Available in 8 language combinations it can spark
off any child's (or adult's) imagination!
Target age- 3-7yrs
Here is a review of the book at Saffron Tree.
You can buy it  online from Tulika and at Flipkart