February 27, 2011

The Fungle.

This is a fun website for kids. Ashu and I explored the beta version of The Fungle together a couple of days back and as expected, the kid is hooked. As a beginner reader, Ashu was nt able to read everything on her own and needed my help to navigate in the beginning. Then I left her alone with it and came back 10 minutes later to see her dressing up her avatar, listening to a story and then playing a game! But being the scaredy cat that she is, she asked me to help because she was afraid of the snake that appeared in the game! Its nice that the stories and books are read alongs since she can listen to them. And I like the fact that theres an option of switching off the read along for kids who can read.

And like I wrote to Narayanan, the CEO, the Bee Mail idea is pure genius. Ashu went to bed asking if she got a bee mail! :) We cant wait for the Fungle to go live.

Please check it out if you are interested.


Rekha Rajan said...

Hey..that's an amazing blog you got. I have been maintaining a blog for my baby girl for sometime. Do check out - http://rhearajan.com. I just hope she likes it when she grows up :-)

My Wacky Friends said...

So, I don't actually believe this will work.

priya said...

Another great post.. We too have some fun sections on our website. Cartoons , Games and original picture books and peoms for kids.