April 18, 2007

Birthday is on the air.

Mommyof2 celebrates a a double bonanza.

Sunita celebrates her daughters birthday. Pretty frock! :)

Moppets mom makes it a Happy Day.

SM plans a double whammy.

If I have missed any recent birthday bash, please comment with a link. I know for sure four more birthdays are coming up. March and April seems to be a busy month! ;)


Moppet's Mom said...

Happy birthday to all the March and April babies!

It does seem like lots of babies were born in these 2 months - Moppet's been going to a birthday party almost every week here for the last few weeks.

I wonder what it is about the July-August months that make them so conducive to baby-making?! The romantic monsoon season? :-))

mommyof2 said...

You are right, moppet's mom. I have 3 invitations for these 2 weeks..

And Happy B'day to babies & not so babies anymore:-)

artnavy said...

i am a taurean too!! watch out for mine next week....