April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting.

The world looks a lot less safe after becoming a parent, does nt it? We start reacting to terrible events like these as a parent and personally, it scares the hell out of me. God bless the victims and their familes.

Sundar, Orchid, Fuzzy, SS and the Desimomzclub share their fears.


Manchus said...

Here is one more to add to the list of blogs. She is not a Mommy, but yes her views are good enough to make you think.


Orchid said...

Thanks for the mention and you know what my views are .....the world just took a turn for the worse this week and it's sad!

Poppins said...

Hey I did one related post too..

Fuzzylogic said...

Thanks for the mention boo.You should check out this well written post on similar lines by nainashley who also happens to be a mom.