April 4, 2007

Winkies Women.

As Kodis mom has written in the comments, only our dearest Mommy Blogger, Tharini, can write such a touching post on Tomato Jam!
Many days passed by in this manner. Then one day, she rolled up her sleeves, got into the kitchen and made some jam. Tomato jam. Red, ripe, juicy tomato jam. And that first batch was a killer. She offered it to him. He looked at it dubiously,and then at her with suspicion.

I always thought that I started blogging inspired by you. But today I found out you started blogging a couple of months after me. Anyways you are my inspiration Tharini! :) Heres to you.


Tharini said...

Thank you Boo. I'm touched.

Did I not tell you the story of who inspired whom? Well let me do it now.

When I started blogging and shared some of my posts with a friend (Raj over at www.rajeshkrishnamurthy.com), he sent me the link to Boo's Baby Talk and described it as hilarious and engaging. And when I read just one single post, I was hooked for life. I also noted that we had some things in common...like...Tamilians, close in age, SAHM etc. So I as a regular at your blog, and started leaving comments too. And then you took the time to stop by and read up. And when you started leaving comments, I remember feeling soo delighted and happy. That someone whom I considered an established and popular blogger gave me the time of day too. I don't mean to sound patronising or exaggerated,, but that is honestly how I felt.

And now tho that novelty has worn off, the delight in reading your posts and receiving your comments has not. And I have enjoyed getting to know you better. :)

So that is ho the story goes...:)

B o o said...

Wow Tharini! Can I print it out, frame it and hung it in my wall? :)

The Visitor said...

@Tharini and Boo:
Ah! now you have a nice MAC going on in this comment section. LOL

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