April 30, 2007

Diaper Dilemma.

Itching to Write compares Cloth diapers and Disposable diapers in a very informative post.

As parents it is left to us to decide what we wish to use without feeling guilty either way as the impact of both on environment, wallet, convenience, comfort in total is more or less the same. Depends on what is the key to one as parents, is it comfort, convenience, cost, water or landfill.

Lesson learnt: Potty trained children are good for the environment! Are you kids listening? ;)


Sundar Narayanan said...

you know it, I know it, but does the kid know it ?


God's Little Angel said...

Can I be included in here too....hee..hee

I'm a new mommy to little cutie Abrianna Joyce Nair.

Thanks a bounch!

Priya said...

Would love to be a part of this. I too have an article on cloth vs. disposable diapers .

potty train said...

Hi, I'm shila, a mother for a two years old daughter, and I was able to wean her diapers in 3 days!

I tried the method of potty train in 3 days and even I didn't believe that it really worked!!!

I strongly recommend for you to try and wean your child successfully and easily.
Good luck !

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