April 5, 2007

Summy and the Doctor.

This post has stayed in my mind even after so many months. I totally relate to it now. Hubby and I say "And the Oscar goes to..." and laugh out loud whenever our daughter Ashu pulls a fast one on us. And I always remember this incident with Summy fondly.

Her regular doctor was out, so we saw another doctor. "So she has a stomach ache?" the doctor asked. I waved my hand and said "I don't know ..." thinking about how to put it without hurting Summy's feelings.

Belated Birthday wishes, Kiddo! :)


Aparna said...

Thank you so much, Boo! :)

GettingThereNow said...

We could all do with such understanding doctors :) I guess the way the child's doctor reacted to this goes to say a lot about their compassion - which, I feel sometimes, is a rare commodity.

B o o said...

Aparna - My pleasure! I really, really love this posr of yours!

CK - Rare indeed! The doctors here are so stiff, you would never believe that they are around kids most of their lives!

An Aimless wanderer in the streets of Bangalore said...

We went to classes of Asha foundation by Simi. Didn't find it useful one bit. Would have saved few thousands if I know the quality of these classes is so low. Very poor communication skills with little to no knowledge on the subject.