April 26, 2007

Maternity help.

Ceekay writes about her decision to manage alone without help from the family after her delivery.

Ever since we declared that we are expecting a baby, the one question that we get the most is "Who are you calling to come over and help you?" And then they are stunned to learn the answer - No one. Almost all desi families here do that. As soon as there is a baby on the way, one set of parents is recruited to come help them when the baby arrives. And I think that is a very good arrangement - if it works for you. That's a BIG if.

You go Girl! All our wishes are with you even if they are only virtual!


mommyof2 said...

You will be fine. I had 2 c-section and I got through alone without anybody's help:-) First time every after few hours I was so active and painfree.. I didn't even feel like I had baby the same day.. I was back to normal..:-)

2nd time I was a bit stressfull about leaving my son with hubby for 3 day while I stayed in the hospital but once I was back it was fine:-)I am sure you won't but if you need any tips email me;-)momkidsaa@yahoo.com

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