April 6, 2007

An open letter to all Toddlers.

I am planning to frame this letter and hang it in Ashus room! Hilarious!

It's NOT yours. You seem to have adopted a mantra of "If I can see it, it's mine. If you have it, it's mine. If I think about it, it's mine." Let me tell you something, kiddos. You know when all of us leave in the morning, only to return home 8 hours later? We're at work earning a living. And while we're firm believers in the "mi casa es su casa" philosophy and don't really mind sharing our things with you, you need to ease up a little, ok?

I'm sure every parent with a toddler will relate to this one. Why don't you try writing an open letter too? Do mail me the link if you do.


GettingThereNow said...

And you forgot "If it is broken, it is yours"!! I have the whole "Toddler Rules" document and I was just telling my daughter about it last night in an effort to prepare her for the tough years ahead. I know she has some adjusting to do because it will be difficult to share everything with a bossy, unreasonable, unfair human being that is called "The Toddler" :D

I'll try writing this letter - it is in a queue right now. There are quite a few ideas for new posts swirling around in my mind these days. And my hectic schedule permits only about one post per week or so... :(

Fuzzylogic said...

I loved this one!toddlers aren't they a handful:)

B o o said...

CK - Would love to read it. Write soon.

Fuzzy - They are, they are, they are! :)

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