April 5, 2007

Have your say.

This website is going to be a link fest for the most part. You can send emails with links and they will be published here. It can be either your own post or any other post/article related to parenting.

Mention if you don't want to be given credit.

It would be great if you can keep this site in mind when you are reading something interesting or informative on any issue related to Parenthood and send a mail to indianmommies at gmail dot com with the link.

You can also send me an email if you need any information and I can post your query here.

Your suggestions are most welcome. indianmommies at gmail dot com is the email id to contact. Hope to see an active contribution from all of you.


The Visitor said...

Hi Boo,
I reached this blog through Kathambam- I never knew that you had started this site. Great work, Boo.
I had always wanted to do one post on mommy blogs, but there were so many and so much, that I was overwhelmed. A regular blog is a better idea. My wishes Boo :)

ALAMUS said...

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divya bharathi said...

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